What Is TETAPBISA.ID and Why It Matters

As one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, the impact of COVID-19 is awfully significant

Beyond the excitement of Bali’s revival after months of closing down due to pandemic, Multi Bintang Indonesia wants to show its support to partners and local bars through TETAPBISA.ID-a hub where you can find Bintang Barcode, a digital directory of bars in Bali that have applied Bintang Safety Protocols.

TETAPBISA.ID is made to help everyone reconnect and spend their best time, while still keeping everybody’s health and safety as the main priority. Everybody here means not only the tourists but also the bar staff.

TETAPBISA.ID by Bir Bintang Indonesia is your guide to enjoy Bali with safer and more comfortable experience.

Together with Bintang #TetapBisa